The 5 most suitable for breastfeeding nursing bras

Whether you prefer padded or unlined, soft wire or wireless, a great-fitting nursing bra makes all the difference when you are your baby’s primary source of nutrition. They help support you (literally!) , hold nursing pads in place to prevent leaks, and fit during your breastfeeding sessions (a lot!) cup and band size variations. Many new moms may even end up wearing them to bed, as tossing and turning over milk-filled breasts can sometimes be uncomfortable. 
To make your shopping a little less overwhelming, we’ve gathered our favorite nursing bras.

Hofish 3-Pack Full Bust Seamless Nursing Maternity Bra

Hofish’s 3-Pack Super Soft Seamless Nursing Bra features a one-handed clip-on design and removable molded foam cups that provide full coverage for maximum comfort and support. The soft design adapts as your breast size changes. It also has adjustable straps and hook-and-eye closures.Pfister says, “Offers the best value on the market.” “These three seamless bras are soft, comfortable and supportive – I’ll definitely be wearing these long after my nursing bra days are over.”

Not to mention, it has over 30,000 reviews on Amazon, including one from a super fan who said, “I really love these bras. I’ve been wearing them every day and have been sleeping in them for six weeks now. I’ve washed them many times and they’ve held up very well. I also really like the removable cup because it’s soft enough to fold down while you nurse, but it’s thick enough to hide your always-hard nipples and wrinkled nursing pads. Another great thing they come with is a bra extender. Your boobs open up and your band gets bigger, so the extender is great for giving you that wiggle room. No one wants a bulge of back fat. The support factor is also very good for nursing bras. I wore a couple of other nursing bras for two years while I was caring for my first baby.”

ThirdLove 24/7 Classic nursing bra

Third Love, a brand known for bringing comfortable, stylish bras to your doorstep, has really upped their game in the nursing bra department. 24/7 Classic T-shirt bra, their most popular bra to date, has been redesigned to make it breastfeeding-friendly, and we’re celebrating. With comfortable, non-slip straps and supportive steel-supported cups, this bra is perfect for all-day wear and looks completely seamless no matter what you’re wearing over it. Not entirely sure? Their amazing “wear it, wash it, and if you don’t like it, send it back” return policy makes it easy to find the perfect fit without leaving your living room.

Hofish Women’s Nursing Bra

The Hofish Women’s Nursing Bra offers the ultimate in comfort while feeding. This classic fit bra features a compression fit that reduces movement and provides maximum support with a perfect fit. This three-piece seamless bra set comes with additional bra clips and extenders to ensure maximum comfort.

The bottom band is used for extra support and the adjustable straps are wide. Designed with triangular cups for optimal cup support, these bras are made of breathable nylon and spandex fabric that is soft to the touch. Wider sides and removable foam cups provide greater comfort and ease.

Bumpsuit Comfy Nursing Bra

Celebrity favorite brand Bumpsuit introduces the veritable Comfy Nursing Bra, made from Bumpsuit’s signature butter-soft fabric. This double-lined bra features extremely soft materials, a convenient front closure, and extra support and adjustable straps. Bumpsuit’s Comfy Nursing Bra is available in black, beige and ivory.

Playtex Foam Underwire Nursing Bra

For extra support, this nursing bra has a steel band that flexes as your body changes to maintain a comfortable fit at any stage. This polyester spandex bra has wide supportive sides, hook-and-eye closures and convertible straps that can be worn two ways. The drop-down cups also have an inner sling for extra support during breastfeeding.

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