Sparkle and Shine in an Old Navy Sequin Skirt

Summer is right around the corner, which means it’s time to break out all the fun, flashy outfits! One of my favorite ways to add some glitz to my wardrobe is with a sequin skirt. These shimmery skirts just scream fun and instantly liven up any outfit. As soon as the sun comes out, I make a beeline for Old Navy to check out their latest selection of sequin skirts. From classic A-line silhouettes to trendy midi lengths, Old Navy always has a wide variety of styles to choose from.

All the Gorgeous Styles of Sequin Skirts at Old Navy

Over the years, I’ve amassed quite the collection of sequin skirts from Old Navy. One of my favorites is a short sequin wrap skirt in a bold teal blue. The wrap silhouette is so flattering and creates a bit of drama as you walk. Plus, the shorts length means I can pair it with a simple tee and sandals for a casual daytime look. For nights out, I’ll add some heels and a dressier top to glam it up.

If you’re looking for something a bit longer, Old Navy has plenty of midi sequin skirts too. I recently picked up a rose gold one that hits right below the knee – it makes me feel like a goddess! Midi lengths are so on trend right now and are perfect for date nights or fancier events. The subtle sheen dresses up any outfit.

Don’t forget about sequin pencil skirts either! Old Navy carries them in classic black as well as fun colors like purple and teal. I love wearing a sequin pencil skirt to the office – it instantly elevates a simple blouse into something special. Paired with pumps or heels, it’s the perfect work-to-evening outfit.

For casual weekend wear, Old Navy’s denim sequin skirts can’t be beat. I have a distressed denim sequin skirt that I absolutely adore. It gives off major 90s vibes that I am completely here for. With an old band tee and sneakers, it’s the perfect relaxed outfit for grabbing brunch with friends.

If you want something really eye-catching, go for one of Old Navy’s colorful sequin skirts. They have options in so many fun, vibrant shades like fuchsia, bright blue, and golden yellow. I recently snagged an emerald green sequin skirt that I can’t wait to wear to all the outdoor summer concerts and festivals!

Sequin Skirts Perfect for Every Budget

The best part about Old Navy’s sequin skirt selection is the amazing prices. Style doesn’t have to cost a fortune! Their skirts range from about $25-$40, making it easy to grab a few options without breaking the bank.

The quality is excellent as well, especially considering the low prices. The sequins are securely fastened so they don’t fall off onto the floor (like cheaper sequin clothes I’ve purchased elsewhere). The fabrics also have a nice weight to them that drapes beautifully and doesn’t wrinkle easily.

Of course, if you’re looking to splurge a bit, Old Navy’s premium sequin skirts are stunning. These run from $50-70 and use higher end fabrics and sequins. I treated myself to a rose gold champagne satin skirt covered in large, shiny sequins – it was $70 but worth every penny! The satiny fabric and embellishments made me feel like a million bucks.

So whether you’re on a budget or looking for a showstopping piece, Old Navy has sequin skirts at every price point. You really can’t beat it!

A Rainbow of Sequin Skirt Colors & Styles

Another thing I love about Old Navy is the huge range of colors and styles when it comes to their sequin skirts. They offer both solids and patterns, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect shade or print for your tastes.

In terms of solids, they carry sequin skirts in pretty much every color under the sun. There are classics like black, silver, navy and nude – perfect for both day and night. I also love their selection of vibrant, jewel tone sequin skirts in emerald green, sapphire blue, and amethyst purple. They have a bunch of fun, bright sequin skirts in summery shades like royal blue, fuchsia, and chartreuse too. And you can’t forget the beautiful pastel sequin skirts in dreamy shades of lavender, blush, and seafoam.

If patterns are more your thing, Old Navy has those too! There are classic black and silver chevron sequin skirts, as well as eye-catching animal print sequin skirts like zebra and leopard. One of my favorites is a rainbow sequin skirt in horizontal stripes – it’s so colorful and fun! They also make sequin skirts with geometric patternsfloral prints, and even tie dye swirls.

So no matter what your personal style, Old Navy has the perfect sequin skirt for you. The variety is seriously amazing!

Sequin Skirts Available in All Sizes – Even Plus!

As a woman with curves, I struggle to find trendy clothing that actually fits me. But Old Navy is one of the few stores where I can always find stylish plus size clothing – especially when it comes to their sequin skirts!

They carry extended sizes in the majority of their sequin skirt styles, in sizes 16 through 30. It brings me so much joy to be able to wear the same on-trend styles as my smaller friends. I’m obsessed with a black midi sequin skirt I recently bought in a size 24 – it fits like a dream and makes me feel so confident.

Old Navy also uses stretchier fabrics in many of their plus size sequin skirts, which I really appreciate. Nothing is worse than finding a gorgeous sequin skirt, only to realize it doesn’t have any give and barely zips up! The added stretch allows the fabric to hug your curves in all the right ways.

The length is also very flattering on plus size sequin skirts from Old Navy. Longer hemlines like midi and ankle length styles are universally figure-flattering. Their shorter skirts have a nice weight to the fabric that doesn’t cling unflatteringly to thighs or ride up throughout the day.

It makes me so happy to see extended sizes represented in Old Navy’s sequin skirt collection. Every woman deserves to shine and sparkle no matter her size!

Fun & Fashionable Sequin Skirts for Girls

I have an adorable little niece who is just as obsessed with sequins and sparkle as I am! Naturally, I love picking out sequin skirts for girls whenever I shop at Old Navy. They have the cutest options that even the pickiest little fashionista will adore!

For girls, Old Navy offers sequin skirts in fun, twirly styles like tutus or skater silhouettes. My niece is in love with a purple tulle sequin tutu – she wants to wear it everywhere! Old Navy also has sequin tennis skirts, which come with built-in shorts underneath – perfect for active kids on the go.

The variety of colors and patterns is amazing too. Of course there are classic colors like black, silver, gold and red. But there are also vibrant sequin skirts in bright jewel tones, neons, and rainbow shades – every kid’s dream! They also offer adorable sequin skirts with prints like stars, hearts, and emojis. Too cute!

I love that Old Navy uses soft, stretchy fabrics in their girls’ sequin skirts. They’re comfortable for all-day wear and have enough give to accommodate growth spurts. And the elastic waistbands are great for wriggly kids who want to dress themselves.

The affordable prices make it easy to collect a whole rainbow of sequin skirts for girls. Now my niece wants to plan her outfits around a different colored sequin skirt each day – and I don’t blame her!

Caring for Your Old Navy Sequin Skirt

Sequins may be super fun to wear, but they do require a bit of special care to keep them looking their best. Here are my top tips for caring for Old Navy sequin skirts:

  • Hand wash only – Never put a sequin skirt in the washing machine! The motion and friction can damage the sequins or cause them to fall off. Always hand wash gently in cool water.
  • Avoid harsh detergents – Skip the bleach and fabric softener when washing sequin skirts. Use a gentle detergent made for delicates to prevent fading.
  • Hang to dry – Tumble drying will dull the sequins over time. Always hang sequin skirts to dry instead. Laying flat to dry is ideal to prevent stretching out the shape.
  • Steam regularly – Once dry, use a garment steamer to smooth out wrinkles and bring out the sequins’ shine. The heat helps set the sequins too.
  • Store carefully – Fold sequin skirts gently and store in breathable garment bags. Hang cami tanks inside to prevent sequin transfer. Keep away from moths!
  • Avoid velcro and sequins! – Velcro on shoes or jackets can easily snag and pull sequins off. Keep velcro well away from those sparkly skirts!

Follow these steps and your Old Navy sequin skirts will maintain their dazzle for many seasons to come. Just don’t forget the shimmery tights to complete the look!

Quality Materials Make These Sequin Skirts Shine

One of the things that impresses me about Old Navy is the quality of the materials they use, even for affordable pieces. The sequin skirts are made from fabrics designed to highlight the sparkle of the sequins and hold up over time.

Many styles are made using mid-weight ponte knit fabric – it has a bit of stretch and drapes beautifully. The polyester/rayon/spandex blend ensures the sequins stay vibrant after multiple washes. And the Ponte holds everything in while still being breathable – no cling!

For fuller skirts, Old Navy uses sequin fabrics with tulle lining to provide structure that holds its shape. This allows volume and twirl without collapsing and looking flat. The tulle also prevents sequins from feeling too scratchy against bare skin.

There are also silky sequin materials like satin and chiffon that offer an ultra glamorous look and feel. These are perfect for fancier eveningwear skirts – the luxurious fabrics are just as shiny as the sequins themselves!

No matter what the fabric, the sequins are securely stitched so they don’t fall off easily like cheaper store options. I’ve worn and washed my Old Navy sequin skirts repeatedly with hardly any shedding. With proper care, they really do last and the quality shows.

Match Your Sequin Skirt to a Dazzling Top

A fun sequin skirt is the perfect statement piece to build an outfit around. Luckily, it’s easy to find sparkly tops to match at Old Navy! They have a ton of shimmery blouses and tanks in similar colors and styles.

A simple sequin cami paired with a printed skirt keeps the look casual for daytime. To dress it up, I’ll layer a sequin tank under a blazer for night. For a daring look, match a colorful sequin crop top back to a midi sequin skirt – so bold and fun!

If I’m wearing a solid sequin skirt, I like to pair it with an animal print or geometric patterned sequin top. It provides enough contrast while still coordinating. And nothing jazzes up a plain tee better than adding a sequin collar or sequin hair scarf.

With all the mix and match options, you could easily build an entire sparkling sequin outfit! I love playing with different sequin looks to find my perfect combination of shine. Thanks to Old Navy’s huge selection, the possibilities are endless.

Customer Reviews Praise the Styles & Quality

I’m clearly not the only one obsessed with Old Navy’s sequin skirt selection – their customer reviews are glowing! Women rave about both the trendy styles and the surprisingly good quality.

Reviews consistently mention how flattering the sequin skirts are, with many customers buying them in multiple colors. The stretchy fabrics and mid-lengths are designed to be figure-friendly. Tall and petite women say the sizing accommodates their heights well.

People also say the skirts are comfortable enough for all day wear, unlike some scratchy sequin clothes. The fabrics have enough give to allow natural movement. Several moms also love matching their daughters in cute sequin skirts!

When it comes to quality, customers say Old Navy’s sequin skirts hold up incredibly well over time. Even after months of wears and washes, the sequins remain securely attached with minimal shedding. Many note how the colors stay vibrant wash after wash too.

The bottom line? Reviewers say these sequin skirts deliver maximum sparkle for minimal cost – exactly what we want! The stylish designs and quality construction truly exceed expectations.

Frequently Restocked to Keep Up With Demand

The only downside of Old Navy’s fabulous sequin skirt collection is that favorite styles often sell out quickly. But I’ve noticed they do an amazing job of consistently restocking to meet demand.

Every few weeks, they release new colors and prints for many of their bestselling sequin styles. So even if you missed out on the black midi skirt first time around, more will likely come back in stock soon.

Around major holidays and events, Old Navy increases sequin skirt inventory substantially. To prepare for prom and homecoming season, they had entire sequin skirt displays front and center! For New Year’s Eve and other celebrations, plenty of festive metallic and shimmery looks get added in.

The most popular styles like denim, pencil, and wrap sequin skirts pretty much remain available year-round. Even in winter, they keep a good selection of jewel tones and holiday metallics.

So don’t fret if you see those perfect pale pink sequins are sold out online. Old Navy knows we can’t get enough sequin in our lives, and they’ll be restocking those beauties faster than you can say “Ooh, shiny!” Just keep checking back.

Worry-Free Returns Make Online Shopping a Breeze

Like most people, I do a lot of my shopping online these days. I love the convenience of browsing clothes from home so I can take my time deciding. But I was always hesitant to buy sequin pieces online, worried they’d look or fit differently than expected.

With Old Navy though, I’ve had great experiences ordering sequin skirts online and taking advantage of their free, easy returns. Items can be mailed back for free within 30 days if anything doesn’t work out.

I once ordered a maxi sequin skirt that looked amazing on the model. But it ended up drowning my petite frame. I was able to easily print a free return label from my account and pop the unworn skirt back in the mail. 10 days later, my refund was processed!

On another occasion, I ordered a sequin skirt during a site sale that ended up on backorder. Old Navy promptly let me know the new ship date and gave me the option to cancel if I wanted. Their communication makes online shopping so much less stressful.

So if you spot an amazing sequin skirt on the Old Navy site, don’t be afraid to go for it! Stress-free shipping, returns and exchanges make finding the perfect fit easy peasy. All the sparkle with none of the risks!

Petite & Tall Sizing Help Sequin Skirts Fit Just Right

As I mentioned, I’m quite petite at just 5’2″. While I adore sequin skirts, many standard sizes drown my shorter frame. That’s why I’m thrilled Old Navy offers a wide range of petite sizes – it’s a game changer!

I can shop Old Navy’s entire sequin skirt selection knowing they make most styles in petite sizes 00P-16P. No more hours of painstaking hemming for me! The shorter lengths fit my shape like they were made for me.

For tall ladies, Old Navy has you covered too with tall sizes 0T-16T offered in select sequin skirt styles. My best friend is nearly 6′ tall, and the longer lengths finally give her a chance to rock sequins without showing too much leg!

Having multiple size options available ensures all heights can enjoy these dazzling styles. No more awkward bunching around the knees or ankles! The perfect fit makes it so much easier to feel confident and sassy in a sequin skirt.

So if standard sizing doesn’t quite work for you, be sure to check out Old Navy’s extended petite and tall offerings. Now we can ALL strut our sparkly stuff!

Picking the Right Sequin Skirt for Any Occasion

One of the most useful things about Old Navy’s wide sequin skirt selection is the ability to pick just the right style for any occasion. From day dates to black tie affairs, you can sparkle appropriately!

For casual daytime activities, I stick to shorter wrap or denim sequin skirts paired with simple tees and sneakers. The relaxed vibe is playful and fun without going over the top.

Pencil silhouettes work nicely for both business and pleasure – swap out blazers and heels for dressy occasions. Or go bold with a bright mini sequin skirt for standing out at crowded bars and clubs.

When I need something more formal, like for weddings or fancy dinner parties, a floor length maxi sequin skirt brings the drama. The elegance oozes Old Hollywood glamour!

Even for theme parties, Old Navy has the perfect sequin skirt. Attending a music festival? Choose a psychedelic print midi. Off to a retro roller disco? Slip on a high waisted disco ball skirt and boogie the night away!

Having all these options makes getting dressed for special events so fun. I can always find the ideal sequin style to create a memorable look.

Eco-Conscious Sequin Skirts Do Exist!

As much as I adore sparkly sequin skirts, I do try to be mindful of making sustainable fashion choices. Fast fashion trends can have negative environmental impacts if materials aren’t sourced consciously.

That’s why I was so excited to discover Old Navy’s new recycled polyester sequin skirts! They swapped out virgin materials for recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles.

These eco-friendly skirts are just as stylish and durable as the originals, with the added benefit of keeping waste out of landfills. I’ve been snapping them up in multiple colors!

Old Navy has also been using non-toxic dyes on their sequin fabrics to reduce use of hazardous chemicals. And more of their supply chain is being powered by renewable wind energy which is awesome.

Are the sequin skirts entirely sustainable and ethical? Not yet – but these moves show Old Navy is actively improving their practices. As consumers, we can encourage these positive changes by supporting their efforts.

I love that I can make the earth-friendly choice AND wear all the sparkles my heart desires, thanks to Old Navy’s innovations. Small changes really do make an impact over time!

Convenient Online Shopping & Quick Shipping

While I love browsing sequin skirts in person at my local Old Navy, sometimes I just don’t have the time. Luckily, their user-friendly website makes shopping from my couch a breeze!

Everything is clearly organized by category, so I can easily filter down to just sequin skirts. Their product photos show details and styling ideas – it’s like having my own virtual personal shopper!

Ordering online is simple with my account info saved. I can check exact sizing charts and read other customer reviews for guidance. Old Navy also makes recommendations for pairing tops, shoes and accessories.

Once I’ve filled my cart, checkout takes seconds. I can choose from standard shipping, expedited, or in-store pickup to get my sequined goodies ASAP. Regular shipping is free for orders over $50.

Old Navy also has an app I can use to shop the sequin skirts from anywhere, and track order status and returns. It’s all so quick and convenient – sparkly skirt satisfaction with no hassle!

Reserve Online, Try In Store for the Perfect Fit

While I mostly order sequin skirts online now, I used to insist on trying them on in store first. After several unfortunate ill-fitting purchases, I was paranoid sequins just wouldn’t work for me.

Luckily Old Navy heard my struggles and those of other sequin lovers! They now offer the ability to reserve items online to try on in store. It’s the best of both worlds – digital convenience combined with an IRL fitting.

When I spot a sequin skirt online I’m not quite sure of, I simply click the Reserve button. I can then select my local store and the date I’ll visit. The item will be held for up to 3 days until I come in.

Heading to the store, I just provide my order number and they bring me the reserved sequin skirt(s) to pop into a fitting room. I can try on as many as I want before deciding what to buy. No more guessing games!

The reserve-to-try feature has given me so much more confidence shopping online. I know I can confirm fit and fabric feel before fully committing. It makes finding my perfect sequin skirt such a breeze!

The Hottest Sequin Skirt Trends to Try

The thing I love most about Old Navy is they’re always on top of the latest trends when it comes to their sequin skirts. Every season brings fresh new styles I can’t wait to try!

One huge trend I’m loving is neon bright sequins. They’re doing so many playful minis and midis in super vibrant shades like highlighter yellow and coral. Pair them with neutral basics to really make them pop!

Ombre sequins are also having a major moment, with color-shifting gradients of jewel tones, pastels, and rainbow. They give a cool psychedelic vibe with less commitment than a bold solid sequin.

Going hand in hand with ombré, marbled and paint splatter designs are everywhere on sequin skirts this season. It’s abstract art for your bottom half! Old Navy’s look so expensive yet are totally affordable.

Beyond patterns, ruched and draped sequin fabrics are big too. Sarong and cowl drape styles add flowy interest while flattering your figure. I love the goddess-like vibe it gives!

However you choose to shine this season, Old Navy has all the hottest sequin skirt trends covered. You really can’t go wrong embracing a little extra sparkle in your wardrobe!

Sequin On and Stand Out in an Old Navy Skirt!

If it wasn’t obvious from my sequin-filled ode, I am absolutely obsessed with the amazing selection of shimmery skirts at Old Navy. Their huge variety of on-trend sequin styles, fun colors and prints, and flattering fits makes finding your perfect sparkly skirt such a joy.

The affordable prices make it easy to collect a whole rainbow of sequin minis, midis and maxis to mix and match. And their stellar quality means your Old Navy sequin skirts will dazzle for many seasons.

So whether you’re dressing for a glam night out, a day of play, or anything in between, Old Navy has the sequin skirt of your dreams. It’s time to shine on, live colorfully, and spread some light. Sequin skirts for all!

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