My Honest Review of Old Navy’s Crazy Popular Powersoft Leggings

Leggings so buttery soft, you’ll want to live in them

As an avid leggings fanatic, I’m always on the hunt for the perfect pair – you know, the ones that check off all the boxes: super soft and stretchy fabric, never-fall-down fit, flattering on all body types, sweat-wicking for workouts, and affordable enough to stock up on multiple colors. Old Navy’s Powersoft leggings seem to have achieved legendary status in the activewear world, with rave reviews across the internet about their unbelievable softness and comfort. Of course, I needed to try them out for myself and see if they lived up to the hype. Keep reading for my detailed review after taking Old Navy’s Powersoft leggings for a test drive during workouts, lounging, and everyday wear!

An Overview of My Old Navy Powersoft Leggings Experience

After eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new Powersoft leggings in the mail, I couldn’t wait to try them on. I did my usual leggings-shopping ritual – squat, stretch, and jump test – and was immediately impressed by the incredibly soft, silky smooth fabric that felt like butter against my skin. The stretchiness and flexibility was top-notch, allowing me to move freely without any digging, pinching, or restriction.

The fit was just right – hugging my curves in all the right places for a flattering, sculpted silhouette that didn’t squeeze too tight. I loved how the thick waistband stayed put without rolling or sliding down. Another huge bonus was the hidden pocket along the waistband, perfect for stashing my phone or keys when going for a run or workout class.

Over the next few weeks, I put my Powersoft leggings to the test during HIIT classes, weight lifting sessions, morning jogs, restorative yoga flows, lounging at home, running errands, and more. They performed superbly through every activity – wicking sweat quickly during hardcore workouts and maintaining their shape without sagging or stretching out. The substantial fabric provides opaque coverage and concealed panty lines, so I felt comfortable wearing them to the gym and beyond.

Overall, I’m thrilled to report that my Old Navy Powersoft leggings 100% lived up to the hype! Read on for my detailed thoughts on cost, availability, sizing, colors, performance features, styling tips, and care instructions for these buttery soft leggings of my dreams.

Old Navy Powersoft Leggings Cost Around $35-$40

One of my favorite things about Old Navy’s Powersoft leggings is the affordable price point, especially compared to similar styles from premium activewear brands. Prices typically range from $35-$40 per pair, depending on the color and pattern. This makes them a budget-friendly option that you can buy in multiples without breaking the bank!

Old Navy frequently offers sitewide sales and discounts, so signing up for their email list can help you snag Powersoft leggings for an even better deal. I was able to get my first pair 30% off, bringing them down to just $28 – an incredible value for leggings with such luxuriously soft fabric.

Occasionally you can find select Powersoft legging colors and prints marked down for clearance on the Old Navy site. While the size selection is more limited, this is a great opportunity to score major savings. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales events, these coveted leggings often go on sale too, which is the optimal time for stocking up.

Diverse Sizing and Extended Lengths Meet Every Body’s Needs

One of the most praiseworthy aspects of Old Navy’s Powersoft legging line is the inclusive size range and extended length options to flatter and fit more body types. Sizes span from XS-4X in regular length, with short and tall length options also available for better coverage.

As a tall girl, I was thrilled to finally be able to buy long leggings from Old Navy that fit me properly, without having to settle for ankle-baring lengths. For petites, the short length prevents any bunching around the ankles that can look sloppy. Having these varied inseam lengths for unique heights makes their leggings accessible and flattering for all.

In the waistband dimension, you can choose between low, mid, and high rise styles depending on your comfort preferences. The range of sizes and lengths means you can easily find your perfect Powersoft legging fit for all-day confidence and comfort. No more tucking, pulling, or hiking leggings up all day long!

Vibrant Colors and Fun Prints to Match Your Style

Beyond the incredible softness, another signature characteristic of Old Navy’s Powersoft leggings is the vast array of colorful and bold prints they come in. Solid black is always a versatile staple, but I love expressing personal style through playful leggings too.

Old Navy unleashes new Powersoft colors and patterns every season to keep up with the latest trends. Right now, you can shop lively shades like emerald, neon peach, and lilac, or prints like leopard spots, swirls, and camo. The whimsical options available make getting ready easy and fun.

I also appreciate that many of their prints aren’t too loud or overpowering. For instance, they offer many leggings with simple stripe details on the sides that add a pop of color without going overboard. The low-key styles allow for endless styling possibilities and work appropriate occasions.

Overall, the extensive range of colors and patterns ensures you can build a leggings collection as vibrant or neutral as your personal taste desires. As trends come and go, Old Navy consistently refreshes their Powersoft legging selection so you can stay on top of what’s hot in the activewear fashion world.

Designed for High Intensity Workouts and So Much More

Now let’s get into the performance features that make Powersoft leggings well-suited for demanding workout regimens. After all, stylish leggings mean nothing if they can’t hold up to vigorous exercise! The four-way stretch fabric readily conforms to your body’s movements, whether you’re doing squats, sprints, or yoga poses.

The moisture-wicking technology effectively sweeps sweat away from your skin and allows quick evaporation. This keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable throughout sweaty workouts or on hot summer days. The interlock stitching and smooth flatlock seams prevent chafing and irritation too.

For high intensity training days, I also appreciate the tummy control waistband that smooths and shapes my core. The compression provides gentle muscle support without feeling too restricting. Whether I’m doing quick agility drills or holding planks, these leggings stay securely in place.

That said, Powersoft leggings are about more than just gym visits. The buttery soft fabric and stretchy fit lend themselves perfectly to all-day wear too. I often don my Powersoft leggings for long travel days or times when I just want to feel ultra-comfy. While they excel at hardcore workouts, their luxe softness and breathability make them ideal for relaxed downtime too.

Choose Your True Size for the Perfect Fit

Finding that “just right” fit in leggings can require some trial and error. When trying Old Navy Powersoft leggings for the first time, I recommend starting with your true size based on their sizing chart. While some brands run small, these tend to fit pretty true-to-size in my experience.

That said, size needs vary individually. If you prefer a more compressed, snug fit for serious sweat sessions, consider sizing down. For a looser, low-intensity look, size up instead. I’d say the regular fit hugs the body without feeling restrictive, but you can customize based on your own style preferences.

Pay attention to how the waistband fits and contains your stomach. The waist should feel secure without overly squishing or creating muffin top. For optimal comfort, the leggings shouldn’t pinch your thighs or calves either when moving. Finding the right balance of stretchy yet supportive takes trial and error, so don’t be afraid to exchange sizes if your initial pair isn’t perfect.

Perfectly Suited for All Your Yoga and Pilates Needs

Given their incredible four-way stretch, it will come as no surprise that Old Navy’s Powersoft leggings are ideally designed for yoga, Pilates, and other low-intensity workouts. The fabric never restricts your range of motion, allowing you to freely move through poses and stretches.

I love wearing my Powersoft leggings to Yin yoga and restorative classes where comfort is key. The silkiness glides smoothly against my mat, enabling effortless twisting and folding of the body. They provide opaque coverage and absorbent wicking during faster Vinyasa flows too.

For Pilates, barre, and stretching sessions, the flexibility and breathability keep me cool while holding demanding positions. The tummy-control waist is also great for toning the core during Pilates movements. The fit contours and shapes your muscles while allowing a full range of motion.

Beyond the stretchiness, Powersoft leggings are perfect for yoga and Pilates because of their stay-put waistbands. There’s nothing worse than constantly hiking up ill-fitting leggings while you’re trying to focus on deep breathing. Powersoft leggings eliminate this annoyance so you can fully immerse in your mind-body practice.

Pockets Provide Convenience During Workouts or Daily Life

Like all great leggings these days, Old Navy Powersoft leggings come equipped with handy side pockets to hold all your daily essentials! The pockets have just the right amount of space and depth to securely hold keys, credit cards, IDs, lip gloss, and smartphones.

I love being able to stash my phone when going for outdoor runs or heading to a barre class, so I can focus on my workout instead of holding bulky items. The pockets lay smooth and flat against your leg – no added bulkiness or weird lines beneath your pants.

The side pocket placement also eliminates the dreaded phone slippage between your legs that can happen with back waistband pockets. I never have to stop and readjust my phone when exercising or chasing after my kids!

Beyond just workouts, I cherish pockets for running errands hands-free and having quick access to essentials on-the-go. While subtle, the pockets in Powersoft leggings prove functional and convenient no matter how you choose to wear them.

Stretchy Fabric Blend Includes Nylon, Elastane, and Polyester

So what exactly gives Old Navy Powersoft leggings their unmatched soft feel and flexible four-way stretch? The winning blend of technical performance fabrics, of course! The leggings feature a mix of nylon, elastane, and polyester.

The nylon adds durability that prevents ripping or shredding, even during tough CrossFit classes and HIIT training. It also enables moisture wicking to keep you comfortably dry. Elastane, also known as spandex, provides the stretch and flexibility to move with your active body.

Finally, polyester enhances the overall smooth and soft handfeel while also retaining shape through repeated wears and washes. Combined, these fabrics create the perfect balance of compression, comfort and performance that make Powersoft leggings such a cult favorite.

Old Navy doesn’t disclose the exact percentage blend, but the mix of technical stretch fabrics undoubtedly contribute to these leggings’ winning formula. The silky-smooth, weightless feel against your skin keeps you coming back for more!

Care Tips to Make Your Powersoft Leggings Last

Investing in Old Navy’s Powersoft leggings had me wondering: how can I make them last as long as possible? With the proper laundering and care, you can extend the lifespan of these babies and get your money’s worth. Here are my top care tips:

  • Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle to preserve the fibers and prevent shrinkage. Hot water and aggressive agitation can damage the technical fabric blend.
  • Air dry when possible rather than machine drying, to help the leggings retain their shape and softness. Laying them flat to dry also minimizes wrinkles.
  • When needed, machine dry on low heat. Excessive heat can degrade elasticity over time. I like to dry just until slightly damp, then hang to fully air dry.
  • Avoid bleach or fabric softeners when washing, as the chemicals may break down the performance fabrics.
  • Inspect before wearing and discard if you notice excessive pilling, tears, or unraveling seams. Don’t wear damaged leggings to further prevent bigger holes or runs.

Following these care instructions helps preserve the luxurious Powersoft fabric so you can enjoy your leggings for countless wears. With proper laundry techniques, expect your pairs to last for multiple seasons!

Rave Reviews Reflect True Life-Changing Softness

Beyond my own enthusiastic assessment, I wanted to see what real customers had to say about Old Navy’s celebrated Powersoft leggings. Looking at reviews online, the overwhelming consensus is that the stretchy, silky fabric lives up to its heavenly reputation.

Some reviewers say they “can’t believe the price” for leggings softer than high-end brands. Others report buying multiple colors and fits because they are “completely obsessed!”

Many reviewers gush that these are the softest leggings EVER, with one saying, “I never want to take them off!” Customers love wearing them for everything from intense workouts, to Netflix binging, to running errands.

Negative reviews seem few and far between, mostly focused on fit or sizing inaccuracies rather than issues with quality. All in all, real-life feedback reflects what I also discovered first-hand: Old Navy Powersoft leggings are impossibly soft, versatile leggings that make every activity comfier.

Well-Suited For Daily Activities Beyond Just Working Out

While Old Navy markets its Powersoft leggings for fitness activities, I’m obsessed with wearing them as everyday wear too. The** buttery-soft fabric feels like a second skin** that I never want to take off, while the stretchy fit allows unrestricted movement.

I frequently grab my Powersoft leggings for school drop-off, running errands, long travel days, and lazy Sundays. The moisture-wicking properties come in handy on hot, humid days or visits to my kids’ action-packed indoor playgrounds.

The thick fabric provides opaque coverage, so I never have to worry about underwear lines or revealing too much. Compared to “naked sensation” workout leggings, Powersoft offers more coverage and structure for all-day modesty.

I also appreciate the simple, solid colors and patterns that work across diverse settings. While too casual for more formal workplaces, Powersoft leggings pair nicely with tunics, sweaters or flannels for a put-together casual look. Their comfort and versatility make them an everyday wardrobe staple.

Worry-Free Returns Within 45 Days of Purchase

One of my other favorite things about Old Navy is their flexible, no-hassle return policy that makes online ordering worry-free. If your Powersoft leggings don’t work for you for any reason, returns are accepted in-store or by mail within 45 days of purchase.

I love having over a month to truly test out new activewear for comfort, performance, and durability. Old Navy will issue a full refund to your original payment method so long as the leggings are unworn with tags still attached.

If you accidentally remove tags or wear the leggings, you can still return them within 45 days, just not for a full refund. This generous timeline and lenient policy takes the stress out of finding your perfect Powersoft leggings match. Don’t settle for an uncomfortable fit or flawed pair!

Match Your Leggings to Cute Powersoft Tops and Jackets

One styling hack: match your statement Powersoft leggings with perfectly coordinating Powersoft tops and jackets! Old Navy carries a range of tops in similar sweat-wicking, quick-drying technical fabrics.

For instance, pair psychedelic print leggings with the Powersoft Long-Sleeve Crop Top in the same eye-catching pattern. Or level up plain Powersoft leggings with the Hooded Powersoft Puffer Jacket for a streetwear vibe.

Creating quick head-to-toe looks has never been easier. Not to mention the incredible softness carries throughout your whole outfit! Beyond active outfits, these pieces transition seamlessly to casual everyday wear too.

Maternity Sizes Available for the Perfect Fit as Your Body Changes

Here’s an exciting detail for mamas-to-be: Old Navy’s Powersoft leggings come in maternity-friendly side panel over-the-belly styles! The stretchy fabric comfortably expands with your growing bump.

Having maternity activewear with the same coveted Powersoft fabric means you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or style at any stage of pregnancy. The wide over-belly waistbands offer ample coverage and support.

Transitioning between trimesters is also a breeze thanks to the adjustable drawstring that allows you to modify the fit. You can let out the waistband as needed and cinch it tighter post-baby. What a relief to find technically advanced maternity leggings just as soft as the originals!

Sustainable and Ethically-Made for Responsible Activewear

In today’s world, I love seeking out activewear brands that demonstrate social and environmental responsibility. I’m happy to report that Old Navy’s Powersoft legging collection is made through the brand’s responsible manufacturing processes.

Their clothing is produced in factories held to strict standards for fair wages and safe working conditions. Old Navy aims for sustainability by using recycled polyester, avoiding toxic chemicals, and reducing water consumption in production.

As part of Gap Inc., Old Navy states a goal to use 100% sustainable cotton by 2025 and reduce single-use plastics in operations. It’s encouraging to see such a popular affordable brand taking action to minimize their environmental impact. With Powersoft leggings, you can feel good about both their planet-friendly and body-flattering qualities!

Shop New Limited Edition Colors and Prints

One more reason I’m hooked on Old Navy’s Powersoft leggings: they continually release new limited edition colors and prints! They collaborate with diverse artists and designers to unleash fresh, fashion-forward patterns season after season.

It’s fun checking the website or popping into stores to see which new options they’ve rolled out. Recently, I’ve spotted amazing tropical foliage prints, abstract watercolor waves, and graphic black and white geometrics.

The constanly changing selection gives you an excuse to amass multiples. Plus, the limited edition nature motivates me to grab special patterns before they potentially sell out.

Between the standard color collection and frequently updated artist series, Old Navy gives us no shortage of stylish new leggings to incorporate into our activewear rotations. I look forward to seeing what eye-catching designs they debut next!

Compression Fabric Offers Lightweight Muscle Support

Diving deeper into performance features, let’s talk about Powersoft’s compressive fabric construction. The leggings squeeze and support your muscles without restrictive discomfort.

Light compression improves athletic performance by enhancing blood flow to working muscles. I notice a boost during weight room circuits or long-distance runs where my legs start to fatigue.

Compression also provides a stable base layer for movements where balance and body control are key, like yoga, Pilates, and barre. By hugging muscles closely, the leggings help you maintain proper alignment and form.

After tough workouts, the snug fit facilitates recovery by reducing inflammation and soreness. Whether you need a boost mid-workout or relief post-sweat sesh, Powersoft leggings deliver function through compression.

Shop In-Store or Online with Free Pickup Options

Gearing up for a Powersoft legging haul? You can shop Old Navy’s ubiquitous activewear collection both online and at brick-and-mortar stores.

Trying on activewear and loungewear is always best when you can feel the fabrics in person. At Old Navy locations, you’ll find an entire section dedicated to the Powersoft legging arrays.

That said, online shopping allows you to view more color and size selections all in one place. I like starting online to browse, then heading in-store to determine my ideal fit.

Old Navy makes the process seamless by offering free curbside pickup when you order online. Simply swing by to grab your items without entering the store.

You can also return online purchases at any Old Navy location thanks to their omni-channel returns policy. No matter how you prefer to shop, you have options to get your hands on these coveted leggings!

Final Verdict: A Must-Have for Leggings Lovers!

After extensively testing Old Navy’s wildly popular Powersoft leggings, I confidently name them a must-have addition to your activewear rotation. The impossibly soft, silky fabric truly lives up to the hype and sets them apart from cheaper basic leggings.

They check off all my boxes: hugging and shaping my curves in all the right places, allowing unrestricted movement for vigorous exercise, wicking away sweat, and offering pockets and tummy control for functionality.

Considering the budget-friendly price point, inclusive size range, vast color selection, limited edition prints, and responsible manufacturing standards, these leggings offer unbeatable value. Their buttery softness and four-way stretch also make them a daily wear essential beyond the gym.

While trends come and go, Powersoft leggings have earned their reputation as Old Navy’s star hero product. If you’re searching for your new favorite leggings, look no further. Trying Powersoft leggings will spoil you forever – once you go Powersoft, you’ll never go back!

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