Finding Your Perfect Pair: Navigating Old Navy Maternity Jeans

Jeans are the quintessential closet staple, providing a casual, comfortable look for everything from running errands to meeting friends for brunch. But when that familiar pair stops buttoning around your growing baby bump, it’s time to start exploring maternity jeans.

Luckily, Old Navy offers an extensive selection designed with the pregnant body in mind. From multiple rises and stretch fabrics to special panels and adjustable waists, their maternity jeans provide both style and support during pregnancy and postpartum.

As an expectant mom looking for a new go-to denim, it can be tricky navigating the range of fits, washes, and features. Today, I’ll share my tips for finding the perfect pair of Old Navy maternity jeans for every stage and budget.

Styles Galore: An Overview of Old Navy Maternity Jeans

One of the best aspects of Old Navy’s maternity jeans selection is the wide variety of styles. Whether you prefer a classic skinny, bootcut, or boyfriend fit, you’ll find options to suit your taste and changing figure.

For a traditional look, go for the Super Skinny Maternity Jeans, which come in both mid-rise and panelled under bump versions. I’m personally a huge fan of their classic 5-pocket styling and range of dark and light washes.

If you prefer a looser cut, check out the Boyfriend Maternity Jeans. These have a slouchy, relaxed vibe perfect for weekend wear. I love pairing them with flats or sandals for a cute take on the borrowed-from-his look.

My current favorite are the Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny Maternity Jeggings. Let me tell you, jeggings are a pregnant woman’s best friend! With the comfort of leggings and style of jeans, they provide the perfect compromise for both function and fashion.

Beyond the usual suspects, Old Navy also offers maternity styles like overalls, joggers, shorts, and even white jeans for those feeling adventurous. Whether you live in denim or just want options for dressier occasions, you’re sure to find a fit that suits your new curves.

The Perfect Fit: How Old Navy Maternity Jeans Accommodate & Flatter

Finding jeans that fit well during pregnancy is challenging. Our bodies change so much week to week! That’s why the thoughtful design and stretchy fabrics of Old Navy maternity jeans make them so popular.

Rather than just size up regular jeans, maternity styles are engineered specifically for expectant bodies. Most versions feature over or under bump stretch panels and adjustable waistbands to provide extra room where you need it most.

The result is a perfect custom fit that accommodates your growing belly without sagging or cutting in elsewhere. Clever, right?

I’m currently 25 weeks along and still rocking my normal pre-pregnancy size thanks to this smart design. While each style varies slightly, I find the Super Skinny and Rockstar Skinny fits offer the most universal, flattering shape for all trimesters.

The gentle under bump waistbands don’t dig in, while the smoothing stretch fabrics give my legs, hips, and butt a nice contour. For the best fit, look for maternity jeans labeled “Secret Fit Belly” and with at least 2% spandex or elastane.

Gentle on the Wallet: Maternity Jeans for Every Budget

Let’s be real: building a whole new maternity ward can get expensive! That’s why I appreciate that Old Navy offers quality denim options at a range of budget-friendly price points.

Their staple maternity jeans typically run from $30-$45. While not the cheapest, these deliver great value for premium stretch fabrics and clever bump-accommodating designs.

For even more savings, check out the clearance maternity section online and in stores. Here, you can often score previous season colors and fits for under $25.

I actually found a nearly new-looking pair of Rockstar Super Skinnies here for just $15 – an absolute steal! The clearance racks are worth perusing if you want to maximize your maternity jeans haul.

Old Navy also runs regular sales and promotions where maternity jeans are marked down 30-50%. Around holidays like Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day are primetimes to grab pairs on the cheap. Sign up for their email list to get notifications of deals and coupon codes too.

With strategic sale shopping, you can build a whole maternity denim wardrobe from Old Navy for under $100. Pretty sweet considering how often you’ll wear them!

Size It Right: Old Navy’s Maternity Jeans Fit Guides

Like regular jeans, maternity denim fits best when you select the right size. Old Navy makes this easy with a couple of helpful resources:

Maternity fit guides. These provide size charts with hip and waist measurements to help you choose the perfect pair based on your current shape. Find them attached to each jean listing online or on signage in stores.

Size calculators. Available on their website, these ask for your pre-pregnancy size along with weeks pregnant to recommend a size. Super handy for ordering online!

Reviews. Don’t forget to browse customer reviews for each style to see real people’s feedback on sizing, fit, and feel. I’ve avoided sizing issues by checking these before buying.

Stretch. Maternity jeans with at least 2% spandex have more give and flexibility. Opt for stretchier styles if between sizes or unsure.

Try it. Of course, the very best way to ensure perfect fit is trying them on! I always order two sizes for this reason and return what doesn’t work.

Following this guidance takes the guesswork out of choosing a size, allowing you to feel confident you’ll land on a pair that’s just right. No more saggy knees or muffin top waistbands!

Custom Comfort: Adjustable, Stretchy, and Eco-Friendly Options

Beyond fit, I prioritize comfort in my maternity jeans – no scratchy fabrics or tight waistbands! Luckily, Old Navy delivers adjustable, stretchy, and soft options perfect for all-day wear.

My personal picks:

  • Secret Fit Belly styles with a wide over-bump stretch panel and adjustable interior elastic waistband. So comfy!
  • Super stretchy jeggings with maximum spandex content, like the Rockstar Skinny. Leggings disguised as real pants.
  • Loose boyfriend or girlie shorts for extra belly room and airflow. Perfect for summer.
  • Soft eco-friendly fabric blends like stretchy Tencel. Breathable and gentle on skin.
  • Overalls with side panel adjusters. Cute and comfy.

I also appreciate that many Old Navy maternity jeans come in buttery stretch fabrics with organic cotton, Tencel, and other eco-friendly blends. Soft, breathable fibers make all the difference when you’re wearing jeans daily.

Colors and Washes to Suit Your Style

Finding the perfect color or wash is just as important as the right size and fit. The great news is Old Navy offers maternity jeans in a rainbow of hues and finishes to match anyone’s style.

For a classic dark denim, you can’t go wrong with a solid Rinse or Midnight wash. I love rocking these with neutral tops for an effortlessly chic vibe.

If you prefer lighter blues, check out wears like Oceanside or Faded Lake for that weekend boyfriend jean look. Distressing and whiskering add nice texture too.

Beyond blue, you’ll also find black, gray, olive, and even white maternity jeans. Trendy cherry red or pink colors pop up each season as well.

And it’s not just solids – Old Navy has a stellar selection of two-tone and acid wash maternity jeans too. The range of options allows you to fully express your personal taste and style.

I will say the most versatile colors are darker indigo blues – you truly can’t go wrong having one or two pairs in heavy rotation. But don’t be afraid to experiment with lighter washes and colors too. Just maybe keep those reserved for casual weekends or dress down days at the office.

Care & Keeping: How to Make Your Maternity Jeans Last

Investing in quality maternity jeans is worthwhile, but taking proper care of them helps maximize their lifespan through pregnancy and beyond. Here are my top tips:

  • Wash infrequently and inside-out in cold water to preserve color and stretch. I aim for every 4-5 full-day wears.
  • Air dry rather than machine drying to avoid fading, shrinking, or warping of shape.
  • Spot clean stains to limit washing. The secret of moms everywhere!
  • Use only gentle detergent, preferably one formulated for darks. Standard stuff fades denim faster.
  • Avoid fabric softener as it can diminish the jeans’ elasticity over time.
  • For stubborn smells, freeze jeans overnight to kill bacteria then air out instead of washing.
  • Patch any holes right away. Little ones can grow rapidly with wear and washing.

With some extra TLC, you can keep your favorite maternity jeans looking and fitting their best – maybe even transitioning them for postpartum and beyond! Proper care protects both your denim and your wallet.

Reviews Are In: What Real Moms Think of Old Navy Maternity Jeans

Beyond my own experience, what really sold me on Old Navy maternity jeans was glowing reviews from fellow moms. Before buying any style, I make sure to browse comments from past buyers.

The reviews consistently praise the comfort, quality, and bump-flattering fit. Many moms report living in these jeans through all three trimesters and even after baby is born. That kind of real-world testing shows the durability of Old Navy denim.

Specific feedback I’ve seen:

  • “So comfortable I could sleep in them!” High marks for stretchy fabrics that don’t pinch or rub.
  • “Fit my bump perfectly.” Moms love the adjustable waists and belly panels on most styles.
  • “Didn’t have to size up.” The smart maternity design allows many to wear their pre-pregnancy size well into the third trimester.
  • “Held up to heavy wear.” Minimal fading, holes, or sagging even after multiple pregnancies.
  • “Wish I had bought more.” Nearly every review says they’re buying additional colors and fits.

After browsing reviews across the maternity jeans selection, it’s clear Old Navy hits the sweet spot of affordability, comfort, and durability that moms need. The praise and repeat purchases speak for themselves.

Quality Counts: Materials & Construction of Old Navy Maternity Jeans

What makes Old Navy stand out from lower-priced fast fashion brands? In my experience, it comes down to thoughtful materials and construction.

While prices are affordable, they don’t compromise on quality. Most jeans feature substantial 98% cotton denim blends with 2% spandex for stretch. Some incorporate Tencel and other soft, breathable fibers as well.

Stitching and hardware seem durable, with no loose threads or cheap plastic buttons. And the waistband and stretch panel designs show consideration of fit, form, and comfort.

Small touches also elevate the quality, like tacking down back pocket corners to prevent sagging and incorporating secret micro-stretch panels in waistbands. These reflect careful construction and testing.

Next time you try on a pair in store, take a minute to notice these details. You can really feel and see the quality first-hand.

For inexpensive maternity clothes, Old Navy does stand out in thoughtfully selecting fabrics designed to flatter, hold their shape, and withstand frequent wear. Their maternity jeans check all those boxes.

Feel Good Fashion: Eco-Conscious Maternity Jeans

Another reason I love to buy from Old Navy is their growing selection of eco-friendly and ethical maternity wear. As brand devoted to feel-good fashion, they are prioritizing sustainable materials and production practices.

When shopping their maternity jeans, look out for:

  • Organic cotton: Grown and processed using fewer chemicals that are safer for the environment.
  • Tencel and lyocell: Made from renewable wood cellulose using closed-loop manufacturing that reuses solvents and water.
  • EVERLAST fabric: Contains recycled cotton, polyester, and elastane to reduce waste.
  • Water<Less® denim: Uses less water to dye and produce their jeans through new factory techniques.
  • Fair Trade certified factories: Audited to ensure good working conditions and living wages for employees.

While not all jeans feature these callouts, I’m seeing more and more sustainable options from Old Navy. And they make it easy to identify through clear labeling.

Voting with our dollars helps show that eco-conscious production is important to shoppers. I’m glad that a mainstream brand like Old Navy is stepping up with more responsible apparel.

Fit or Bust: Returns, Exchanges, and the Keeping Room

Finding well-fitting maternity clothes online can be a gamble. That’s why I appreciate Old Navy’s generous return policy and Keeping Room, which allows you to try styles at home.

If anything doesn’t work out, Old Navy accepts returns and exchanges on all unworn maternity purchases within 45 days for a full refund.

Print a free return shipping label from your account and drop off the package. No return authorization required!

For returns to physical stores, items should include original tags and packaging. Make sure to request a receipt for the refund or exchange.

Sizing exchanges can also be done easily through the mail or in stores. No need to rebuy an item if you simply need a different size.

The Keeping Room is a special section online allowing you to order maternity styles to try at home before officially purchasing. You get 14 days to decide what items to keep or return.

To access it, add eligible items to your cart marked “Try Before You Buy” and check out as usual. After receiving your order, initiate free returns for anything you don’t want through your account dashboard.

The Keeping Room takes the stress out of guessing at maternity sizing! Make sure to take advantage for any high-value purchases like jeans where fit is crucial.

Style It Up: Outfit Ideas with Maternity Jeans

A quality pair of maternity jeans serves as the foundation for endless cute outfits. As your staple item, let’s explore some ways to wear and style Old Navy maternity denim:

  • Tuck in a simple maternity tee or bodysuit for an effortless look
  • Layer a flowy kimono cardigan over a cami and jeans for coverage
  • Add a denim or leather moto jacket for a model-off-duty vibe
  • Pair with strappy sandals or sneakers for warm weather weekend wear
  • Dress up for date night with a silky cami and heeled booties
  • Contrast with a brightly colored maternity sundress for a pop of color
  • Stay cozy in a slouchy oversized sweater or hoodie
  • Cuff the ankles and wear with slip-on mules for an on-trend look
  • Make it professional with a blazer and loafers for workwear

With so many ways to wear them, a great pair of maternity jeans truly does pull together any outfit. They pair effortlessly with pieces already in your closet for an easy, put-together look.

Maternity Style 101: Choosing Flattering Jeans for Your Body

Navigating maternity clothes that fit and flatter your changing shape can be tricky. When choosing jeans, keep these tips in mind:

Hourglass figure: Go for mid to high rise styles with stretch side panels to accentuate your curves. Bootcut or flared jeans help balance curvy hips and bottom.

Rectangle shape: Medium rise jeans with slight bootcut or distressed details add dimension. Dark washes and fitted legs elongate your silhouette.

Apple shape: Look for under bump waistbands and super stretch options with ample belly room. Trouser cuts and bootlegs draw eyes down.

Petite: High-stretch jeans that hold their shape and ankle-length or cropped cuts suit shorter frames. Ensure correct rise and inseam fit.

Tall or long torso: Seek high rise waistbands with extra length through the legs. Cuffing helps adjust overlong inseams easily.

Focus on choosing rises, panel placement, and silhouettes made to flatter your unique shape. With so many Old Navy maternity jean options, you can definitely find the perfect fit.

Buyer Beware: Avoiding Old Navy Maternity Jeans Pitfalls

To make sure you select the best pair, watch out for a few fit and quality issues reported by some moms:

  • Sizing too small, especially in non-stretch fabrics. Carefully follow size charts.
  • Flimsy fabrics that bag out quickly. Opt for at least 2% spandex stretch.
  • Low rises that dig into bumps. Look for mid to high rise panels and waistbands.
  • Cheap hardware like plastic buttons and zippers that break easily. Inspect closely before purchasing.
  • Weird off-center back pockets or side panel placement. Try them on before buying!
  • Fading and pilling quickly. Take care when washing and drying.

While not super common, being aware of potential flaws can help guide your selection. And don’t forget Old Navy’s great return policy as a backup option too.

Perfect Pair: Complimentary Maternity Pieces From Old Navy

Of course, you need more than just jeans to complete your maternity wardrobe. Luckily, Old Navy offers stellar coordinating pieces for stylish head-to-toe looks:

  • Maternity tees and tanks: The foundation of any outfit. Stock up on solids and patterns.
  • Maternity camisoles: Perfect for layering under unbuttoned denim shirts or blazers.
  • Maternity leggings: Comfy with tunics and oversized sweaters. Wear under jeans for extra insulation.
  • Maternity dresses and tunics: Cute paired with leggings or tights after cooler weather hits.
  • Maternity activewear: Match your jeans with a performance hoodie or jacket for casual weekends.
  • Maternity intimates: Essential for comfort as your body changes. Don’t forget this step!
  • Maternity swimwear: Pair swim trunks or shorts with your favorite tee for beach-worthy style.

Mixing and matching these pieces with your favorite maternity jeans creates comfortable, chic outfits for every occasion, season, and stage of pregnancy.

Order Away: Shipping, In-Store Pick Up & More

One of the easiest aspects of scoring maternity jeans from Old Navy is the convenience of shopping online or picking up in stores.

Shipping is always free for order over $50, arriving within 3-5 business days. For a small $7 fee you can upgrade to express 2-day shipping too.

Through the website or app, you can check real time store inventory and availability of maternity styles. Pick your items and sizes, then select free in-store pickup checkout.

Your order will be packaged and waiting at your chosen location within a few hours typically. Super handy for grabbing essentials fast or avoiding shipping delays.

Of course, visiting a store in person allows you to see, touch, and try the jeans yourself before purchasing. I always recommend this if possible.

Large Old Navy locations have dedicated maternity sections staffed with knowledgeable employees who can assist with fit. But call ahead as maternity stock varies by store.

Either route you choose, Old Navy makes scoring stylish maternity denim fast and convenient for busy moms-to-be.

In-Store or Online: Where to Buy

Another question I often get is whether it’s better to buy Old Navy maternity jeans in-store or online. Here are my thoughts:

In-store pros:

  • Try on for fit
  • Feel fabrics and quality
  • Check out clearance items
  • Get employee recommendations
  • No waiting for shipping

In-store cons:

  • Limited selection
  • Out of stock items
  • Long checkout lines

-No delivery

Online pros:

  • Huge selection of styles and sizes
  • Convenience of home delivery
  • Easy returns and exchanges
  • Faster checkout
  • Ability to read reviews

Online cons:

  • Can’t try on for fit
  • Waiting for shipping
  • Return process takes longer

Personally, I like to shop a combo of both. I browse and order several styles online for home try-on. Then I exchange/return anything that doesn’t work at a local store while also perusing their clearance racks for hidden gems.

For basic colors and everyday styles, ordering online is definitely easiest. But I recommend hitting up a store when possible to test new fits, fabrics, and washes.

The best of both worlds!

Something for Every Stage: Maternity Jeans Throughout Pregnancy and Postpartum

An often overlooked advantage of Old Navy maternity jeans is their ability to work for you before, during, and after pregnancy.

Thanks to adjustable waists and stretch fabrics, many of the jeans are suitable for:

  • Early pregnancy when you need a bit more room but aren’t sporting a full bump
  • Mid pregnancy when you really start showing and filling out the belly panel
  • Late pregnancy when you need maximum stretch and flexibility
  • Postpartum when you’re slimming back down but not quite ready for regular sizes

Having a pair that truly transitions across all stages – from that first positive test through after delivery – means great value for money.

I especially like rocking under-bump Secret Fit Belly styles post-baby paired with longer tops. The high waists are flattering while the legs slim me down, almost like Spanx!

Browse reviews to find real mom feedback on the best Old Navy maternity jeans for covering multiple trimesters and beyond.

Maximize Savings: Tips for Scoring the Best Deals

While affordable to begin with, savvy shopping can help you save even more on Old Navy maternity jeans. Here are my top tips:

  • Shop seasonal sales around holidays and events when markdowns are deepest
  • Browse the clearance racks in store for majorly marked down items
  • Check online promo codes before buying and at checkout for any discounts
  • Buy bigger multi-packs of basic colors like black or indigo for bulk pricing
  • Join the Old Navy rewards program to earn points and exclusive coupons
  • Consider buying secondhand online through apps and sites like Poshmark
  • Be open to less popular colors or washes that go on sale more readily
  • Use Old Navy Super Cash rewards earned on purchases to save big
  • Buy ahead at end of season when maternity styles go on deep clearance

With a savvy sale shopping strategy, you can build an entire maternity jeans wardrobe from Old Navy for under $100. Maximize the deals and discounts available to keep more cash in your pocket.

My Go-To Picks: Favorite Old Navy Maternity Jeans

After testing countless pairs over three pregnancies, a few Old Navy maternity styles stand out as tried and true winners. Here are my can’t-live-without favorites:

Rockstar Super Skinny Maternity Jeggings – So flattering and comfortable. Stretchy without sagging. The perfect hybrid of jeans and leggings.

Mid-Rise Secret Fit Belly Super Skinny Jeans – Great transitional pair from early bump to postpartum. Classic dark wash always looks polished.

Medium-Wash Girlfriend Maternity Jeans – Perfect weekend pair with a slouchy-chic vibe. Looks stylish but feels like PJs.

Black Maternity Skinny Ankle Jeggings – My ideal basic black jean. Slightly cropped cut is great for petites.

Olive Green Maternity Super Skinny Jeans – For when I want to mix up basic blues. Such a flattering neutral alternative.

No matter your personal style, you’re sure to find favorite fits from Old Navy’s stellar maternity jeans selection. They truly offer options flatter every bump and budget.

Rest Easy: Old Navy Maternity Jeans Check All the Boxes

Making the investment in quality maternity jeans you’ll live in is worthwhile. After testing different brands over the years, Old Navy continues to rise to the top of my list.

They simply check all the boxes:

✅ Budget friendly prices

✅ Premium stretch fabrics

✅ Clever bump-flattering designs and waistbands

✅ Cute range of styles from skinny to bootcut

✅ On-trend colors and washes

✅ Eco-conscious materials and manufacturing

✅ Reviews prove comfort and durability

✅ Easy online shopping with free returns

For affordable maternity jeans you can depend on from pregnancy through postpartum and beyond, Old Navy has you covered bump to butt. Rest easy knowing you’ve found the perfect pair!

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