Best baby bottles suitable from birth

Whether you’re nursing or using a bottle, feeding your baby is one of the best moments of parenthood.

But choosing a bottle is complicated. There are many different options. Which baby bottle is best? Do you want glass, plastic or silicone? What size bottle should you add to your registry, and how many do you actually need?

The list of questions seems endless, but we’ve got the answers. We’re breaking down all the bottles and sharing the best, most popular choices from parents and experts.

NUK Smooth Flow Anti-Colic Bottles

The Smooth Flow nipple on these NUK bottles adjusts the flow according to your baby’s speed. This allows for longer feeding times – and less tummy upsets for babies who like milk. In addition, it even has a built-in temperature monitor: the blue thermometer on the side of the bottle disappears when the milk is too hot, and becomes visible when it is safe to drink.

The asymmetrical shape is designed to support oral development while feeling more like a mother’s nipple, making it more comfortable for baby. Since these bottles have a capacity of about 5 ounces, they’re best suited for feeding smaller, more frequent, younger babies. You’ll also like that it’s slightly curved inward in shape, making it easier to hold.

Comotomo Baby Natural Feel Baby Bottle

Comotomo’s Natural Feel bottle is designed to mimic the natural nursing process. The nipple is shaped like a woman’s breast and has a wide nipple that baby can easily latch onto. You can choose from a variety of flow options, but the standard “slow flow” teat has a hole to help your baby learn how to suck and swallow.

One of the features we love about breastfeeding babies is the silicone material. It’s designed to be soft and squeezable, so your baby can hold it comfortably and feel like they’re still close to mom. If they have a hard time squeezing the milk out, a little squeeze from you will help it flow again.

Silicone is 100% free of dangerous plastics, including BPA, PVC and phthalates.

If you exclusively breastfeed your baby or have trouble transitioning to a bottle, then the soft, natural feel of this bottle may be just what you need.

The bottle also features dual colic-resistant vents, an easy-to-clean extra-wide neck and a leak-proof locking system. All materials are dishwasher safe and can even be put in boiling water for additional sterilization.

The standard bottle holds 5 ounces of liquid and comes with a cap. You can also buy an 8-ounce bottle, but it comes with a “medium-flow” teat with two holes instead of one.

Playtex Baby VentAire Baby Bottle

Say goodbye to excessive spitting, irritability and flatulence. Swallowing air while feeding can cause uncomfortable flatulence; but this innovative baby bottle solves that problem thanks to a patented anti-flatulence bottom vent that prevents air from mixing with the milk. The bottle’s ergonomic tilt is designed to encourage semi-erect feeding, which is recommended by pediatricians to prevent ear infections. In addition, the wide teat is designed to mimic the breast, allowing babies to latch on and further reduce the amount of air they take in.

Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow Original Baby Bottle

As the name implies, this is a classic. For years, Dr. Brown’s affordable bottles have been a favorite among many parents.

The two-way ventilation system is designed to simulate the positive pressure flow of breastfeeding. This may make it one of the best ways to reduce air intake – hence the gas, spit-ups, burps and all the squeals that may accompany these uncomfortable things for your baby.

You can use a variety of pacifier flow sizes – such as preemie, newborn and older babies – so that you can adjust the flow of breast milk to your baby’s ability to drink.

Chicco Duo Hybrid Baby Bottle

If you’re having trouble choosing between a glass or plastic bottle, look no further – Chicco Duo has a thin layer of glass bonded to the inside of the plastic, so your baby’s milk or formula only touches the glass, while the outer plastic protects the glass from breakage. This is an innovative idea and a real problem solver for parents concerned about potential toxins in plastic. 

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